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Brief Description and Possible Uses

An announcement is designed to give information to everyone in the course.

The instructor creates an announcement as part of their course and Canvas sends it out to everyone in the course.

All of the announcements are archived in the announcements tab. Each announcement is also added to the discussion forum so that anyone can ask a question or make a comment about announcements. There is also an option to receive the announcements as an RSS Feed.

Bloggers have the option of automatically posting each of their announcements to their blog, which gives students access to the source of the information. This is especially useful for instructors who have a blog set up for a particular area of study outside of the learning management system. For blogs with numerous topics, you can also specify which topic Canvas will post the announcement to.

Instructor Tutorials

Creating and editing an Announcement

In a Canvas course click on Announcements. The Sidebar has a button to Create Announcement. Here you can choose the title and contents of the announcement. To edit an Announcement hover your mouse over an existing announcement and click on the pencil. This will allow you to modify the title and or contents of the announcement.

Setting Announcement options

Announcements are very similar to discussions. There are a couple of options when you post an announcement.

  • Delay posting the Announcement

This will delay when the announcement is visible to students to a specified date and time.

  • Make replies not visible until after a user has posted

In an announcement you may ask for feedback. This will allow you to get feedback with out students being influenced by their peers. Students will not be able to see any other replies until the student has post something.

Creating an Announcement podcast feed

Training Materials


Here are a couple of perspectives on the Announcement feed. Both are valuable and raise different points. The first is an overview from Instructure Co-founder Devlin Daley. {{#ev:youtube|3c6bvA-xtWI}}

This is from Mike Kisow of Park City School District talking about the Announcements from a K-12 perspective.


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