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Brief Description and Possible Uses

We put the calendar up here on the global navigation at the top of the page since we overlay all of the courses that you’re involved with as either a teacher or student onto the same calendar.

Instructor Tutorials

Creating a calendar event

If you click on a day, you can create different events and assignments and choose which calendar you’d like to add it to. These ones are grayed out because I’m a student there and I don’t get right to the calendar for that course. So since you can manage all of your calendars from a single page, if I want to update a due date for this assignment here, on Tuesday from Wednesday, I can just drag and drop it. That will update its’ due date, that will be automatically reflected on the assignments page and on my syllabus. We’ll also notify all of the students according to their communication preferences. You can subscribe to this calendar, right here, with a calendar feed so you can use outlook, google calendar, or iCal on the Mac. If I find an assignment out of place, and I need to move it onto a completely different month, I can just change this small calendar up here to the other month and then I can just drag and drop this assignment onto that day.

Creating an assignment in the Calendar

Using calendar to create assignments is an effective way to schedule assignments while simultaneously viewing your Canvas calendar.

To create an assignment within calendar, simply click on the date you want the assignment due. This will automatically bring up the “Add New Event” dialog box. Click on the “Assignment” tab which will then bring up a basic selection of assignment options such as Title, Due Date, and Calendar. Clicking on the “more options” link will take you to the assignments detail page within Canvas.


Once the assignment is saved and on the calendar, you can click on the calendar item to view assignment details.

Changing dates on the Calendar

The easiest way to change dates on a calendar is to click and drag the calendar event to a new date. Please note that you can only click and drag to a date that is currently viewable on the calendar screen. If you need to change to a date that is currently not viewable, simply click on the calendar item and click “edit”

Filtering the Calendar by course

Filtering your calendar by course is easily done by using the dialog box seen on the right side of the screen. Simply check the courses you want to view on the calendar. Please note, you can choose a maximum of 10 calendars to view at once.


Subscribing to the Calendar using iCal feeds

The Calendar Feed feature allows you to publish your calendar to any calendar application that supports iCal feeds. A list of supported applications can be found at this Wikipedia page.

To publish your calendar, do the following:

  1. Click on “Calendar Feed” while viewing your calendar.
  2. Copy the RSS feed that is generated
  3. Paste it into the desired calendar application.

Following are examples for common Calendar applications:

Using Apple iCal:

  1. Click on Calendar, Subscribe
  2. Paste the iCal URL and click 'Subscribe'
  3. Edit the details as needed and click OK
  4. Your new calendar will show up in the list of calendars.

Using Google Calendar:

  1. In the left view pane, locate 'Other Calendars'.
  2. Click on the “Add” link below and choose “Add by URL”
  3. Paste the iCal URL and click “Add Calendar”

Using Outlook 2007

  1. Click on Tools, Account Settings
  2. Click on the Internet Calendars tab
  3. Click 'New', paste the URL, then click 'Add'
  4. In the Subscription Options dialog box, you can optionally rename the calendar. Make sure the box is checked in the Update Limit section.

Training Materials


Calendar overview


Keeping a clean calendar

In Canvas, the Calendar is not a weekly planner. {{#ev:vimeo|20879218}}