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Brief Description and Possible Uses

The web conferencing tool allows you to remotely show a student an application on your desktop, remotely review slides with students, hold a virtual class due to illness or other reasons, or hold a real-time class for a distance education course.

Instructure Canvas is integrated with various screen-capturing programs, such as Dimdim, Wimba, and Adobe Connect, and because of the integration, the interface is the same for every program.

Conferences primarily used for virtual lectures, virtual office hours, and student groups. It can also be used to demonstrate technologies or troubleshoot technology issues online.

Instructor Tutorials

Creating a conference

To create a conference, you just click on the ‘Make a New Conference’ button in the conferences tab. Next, name the conference and specify the duration for the conference. You then choose the members in the course that you are going to invite. This gives you the option of choosing one person for virtual office hours, a group of people, or the whole class.

You will then click ‘Create Conference’ and Canvas will set up the conference with whatever program you are integrated with and provide you the link for the conference. The link will also be delivered as an invitation to all of the students you have chosen to invite. The invitation will show up in the students’ activity stream and in their notifications.

In the left hand menu, select 'Conferences.'

Conference button.png

To create a new conference, click on the 'Make a New Conference' button on the right hand side.


Next, enter your conference details. When finished, click 'Create Conference' button.


You'll see your conference in the list. To start your conference push the 'start it now' button. If you'd like to edit the conference, click the pencil in the top right corner. If you'd like to delete it, click the trash can.


After accepting the settings, your conference will start. It should look like this.


Adjusting Settings in Conferences






Conf invite1.png

Training Materials

Conferences overview