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Brief Description and Possible Uses

By default Canvas courses show the user's activity stream on the course home page. This can be changed by the instructor. The home page can be reconfigured to show the assignment list, the modules list, the course syllabus, or a custom wiki page.

Instructor Tutorials

Setting the Course Home Page layout

Go to Courses and Groups and Select the Course you are taking.

Click on Change Home Page Layout


Next Select the drop down menu and choose how you want your Home Page Layout to appear.


The Communication Stream: Lets participants see the most recent conversations, notifications and interactions for this course. It is very similar to the dashboard page where users first log in, but only shows content for this specific course.


A Page I'll Design Myself: You can design your own course homepage and include whatever links, images or rich media you would like.


The Course Modules/Selections: You can organize your course into modules or sections, where each section contains a related set of files, assignments, pages, etc. If you want you can also sequence modules by defining criteria and prerequisites that need to be completed before each module is unlocked. This layout is probably best for courses that aren't based on a specific schedule like a term or semester.


The Assignment List: This view shows the list of assignments for this course with upcoming and recent assignments at the top of the page.


The Assignments with Syllabus: The syllabus view lets you write up a description of course expectations or introduce the course with links, images, etc. It then shows a calendar view of all assignments and course events.


Click Update Layout to save

See also Course Setup Checklist