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[Also referred to as the Copy Content Tool or Course Migration Tool, depending on its use.]

Brief Description and Possible Uses

Canvas supports importing content from a number of different formats. You will need to export the content from your existing system before importing it into Canvas. Please review the details below for a list of supported import types.

Our migration tool is a generalized content copy tool. To get to it inside of your course you go to your course set up checklist, and choose to import content as the first step. The concept here is that we’re going to migrate content from another system. It could be an LMS system, or content from another Canvas course, or a course I’ve taught in Canvas from a previous semester. We’re going to migrate this content into the course critical thinking. Let me click on content, copy from another Canvas course. I select which course I’d like to pull it from and we’ll present you with all the content in that other course that is eligible for copy. You can copy everything as if you’re doing a complete course copy, or I can selectfully choose the different pieces that I’d like to pull over. I’ll pull over just the quizzes or just the assignments from these. This way you can run this tool multiple times. If you forgot to pull over something the first time or even to merge courses. If it’s in a different semester, we’ll adjust the due dates for you as well. You just indicate the new date range that you’ll be teaching the course, we’ll automatically lay it out according to how you had it before. Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday. You can also define day substitutions. So if I had it on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday before, I can change Mondays to be schedule now on Tuesdays. And then we’ll schedule those out in the calendar and you can use a simple drag and drop to correct it if you guessed wrong in any instance. So again this content copy tool is our migration tool. You can use it to copy from courses that you have that you’re teaching right now, you can use it to copy content from previous courses or from other LMS systems.

Instructor Tutorials

Importing content

To import content, click the "Import Content into this Course" button on the "Settings" page'

Import link on settings.png

Click "Import content from a content package or from another system

Import content.png

Select the system from which you exported your content. You will see different options depending on which system you select.

Choose migration system.png

Select the file you want to upload or enter the other required information, then click "Import Course"

Import canvas export.png

You'll see a "thank you" message, and you will receive an email with updates when the import is finished. Once you receive this email you can go back to your course and review the results of the import process.

Canvas export uploaded.png

Training Materials

Course Import Tool overview