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Brief Description and Possible Uses

Instructor Tutorials

Creating a new course in Canvas

There’s a few areas in Instructure Canvas where we use the word “Publish”. So I’ll explain what the meaning is on each different context. When you first come into a course that’s been created for you, it originally starts in an unpublished state. What this means is that you can add students and teacher and TAs to your course but it isn’t available to the students yet. This allows you to set up your course and get the content in and ready before it starts sending out notifications to all the students. As soon as you’re ready then you just click this button and it will become published and made available to the students; they’ll be able to see it and it will show up in their course menu.

From the Home screen click on Start a New Course


Enter in the Name of your course and Create a shorter reference code. Click on Save & Skip Rest.


Note on the next screen you see where your Course was Updated Successfully. In this area you can also Import Content, Add Course Assignments, Add Students or TAs to your course, add Calendar Events or Publish your course. You can also create New Announcements.


**Only teachers can see your new course until it is published. Students will ONLY see the course content after it is published.

Closing the Course Setup Checklist

The Course Setup Checklist allows you to navigate quickly to add components to your course. In order to close the Course Setup Checklist click the X in the top right corner of the bottom navigation window.


Opening the Course Setup Checklist

To open the Course Setup Checklist click the ? In the upper right corner. This will place the Checklist back down at the bottom of the page.


Inviting students

When a course is published, an invitation and registration email is sent out to all students. In the instance a student needs the invitation email sent to them again, this is how.

After logging in to your course, go to "Settings" in the left navigation bar

Student invite.png

Then go to the "User" tab at the top

Student invite2.png

Locate the students name that needs the email resent and hover your mouse over it. Click on the "i"button.

Student invite3.png

A popup box that looks like this will appear

Student invite4.png

Click the "Re-Send Invitation" button and an invitation email will be sent out to the student.

Resending invitations

In the event you need to re-send invitations to all of your students in the course click People on the left navigation bar.


Click Manage Users in the side bar on the right.


Click Re-Send All Unaccepted Invitations. This will send out an email invitation to any students who have not accepted their invitations.


Training Materials

Course Setup Checklist overview


Creating a course in Canvas


Publishing a course in Canvas


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How do I change a student's full name?

Log in to your Canvas course


Click on the "People" section from the left navigation bar

Click "Add Users"


View current people. Click "Add Users" to invite more to the course


Choose who to add and enter their information


From the drop-down, choose the type of user you are wanting to invite (Students, Teachers, TA's or Observers).

In the text box, type the name and email address in the format of: First Last <email>

Click "Continue"

Canvas verifies the formatting is correct


Click "OK Looks Good, Add These # Users" to send invitation(s)