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MCLA currently maintains three wireless networks, mclanet, mclanet-g and hotspot. Which wireless network you use is dependent on your wireless devices ability.

  • Users that have devices that connect with 802.11a should use MCLANET
    NOTE: You will know that your device is compatible if you see this detected by your device.
  • Users that have devices that connect with 802.11b/g should use MCLANET-G
    NOTE: Only use this wireless network if your wireless device does not detect MCLANET.
  • For those users that have older devices that cannot connect to secured connections are able to connect using HOTSPOT

The MCLANET and MCLANET-G networks are fully encrypted with the latest Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption standard. MCLANET is the optimal network to connect with if it appears to be available to your device. The purpose of HOTSPOT is to connect devices wirelessly that are not compatible with MCLANET or MCLANET-G encryption.

As students walk around campus they may pick up signals from other networks. These networks are not owned by MCLA, and it is not recommended that they try to connect to them.

Access points have also been installed in the Flagg Apartments, Hoosac Hall and Towers A & B.

While this does give sufficient coverage in those areas, Computer Support Services still recommends that students use the wired data ports in their rooms for the most reliable network connectivity. The wired data ports ensure 100MB back to the switch in each building, while each access point "shares" 54MB of connectivity among the various computers that attach to it. Students who rely solely on wireless may have a less than desirable network experience.

Wireless printing at designated printing stations around campus can be used from the wireless network. This essentially allows any MCLA wireless user to print from their laptop to the wireless printer stations. These printers must be configured on the user's laptop prior to use.

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