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Brief Description and Possible Uses

Learning Outcomes in Canvas allow instructors to set specific objectives and tie them to assignments and activities within a course. Setting objectives and learning outcomes in Canvas is simple and easy. Learning outcomes can be easily divided into attainable pieces, as well as organized into larger overarching groups.

Instructor Tutorials

Creating a Learning Outcome

To create a learning outcome, first select the 'Outcomes' menu option.


Next, click on the 'Add Learning Outcome' button on the right hand side.


This is where you'll create your learning outcome. Start by naming it with a Short Description. Feel free to add a long description if you'd like. Next, you set up your specific outcomes. You're able to add as many as you'd like and score them in whatever way suits your grading style. Canvas also gives you the ability to enter a threshold to indicate when someone has sufficiently shown mastery of the objective.


Learning Outcome Groups

To create a learning outcome group, select 'Outcomes' from the menu.


Once in the outcomes screen, select the 'Add Outcome Group' button.


Add a name to your outcome group and save it.


Tying your Learning Outcome to a Rubric for Grading Assignments

To tie your learning outcome to an assignment, you'll want to attach it to a grading rubric. This is easily accomplished from the outcomes screen.

Start by clicking on the 'Manage Rubrics' button


From here, you can either edit an existing Rubric or Add a new Rubric.


Once in the Rubric, attach your Outcome by clicking on the 'Find Outcome Criterion' link at the bottom.


You'll now see a list of all your created outcomes. Select your desired outcome.


Now you'll see your outcome added to the rubric and it will be marked with a fun little sunshine icon to indicate it is a LO.


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