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Brief Description and Possible Uses

On the people page, you are able to view everyone who is in the course. As an instructor, you will be able to view the email address of each person in your class. Students will only be able to view the names of the people in the class.

On the people page, you have the ability to send a message to anyone in the class. Because each person sets up their own communication preferences, they will get the message in whatever format they have elected to receive messages in.

You and your students also have the option to set up groups on the people page. You can group students together for group projects or other activities. Students can also set up their own groups, which will allow them to work collaboratively.

On the people page you can click to view the registered services for each person in the course. If a person has registered a social media account in Canvas, you would be able to see that service listed and communicate with that person through any social media site they have registered.

Instructor Tutorials

Dividing your students into groups

Viewing student activity

On the people tab in your Course Navigation, you can drill down into the specific student. On the student page, not only can you tell the last time they’ve logged in, you can see all the different messages they’ve sent within the system. You can also see their grades and this is where you can message him directly, or her. You can see their access reports, you can see which pieces of content within your course that “Bill’s” been participating in, and also the different outcomes of learning he’s associated with.

On the outcomes tab, you can see the outcomes that have been aligned with him inside of this course. If you’re an administrator, or program director, you can actually see across multiple courses at the account level. So you can see of the learning outcomes associated with this student across multiple courses.

So far all of these different views, we give you a report for a course that is related only to the content activity within the course, but for an administrator, we give the exact same report, but it goes across courses.

Viewing course roster

To view the course roster, click on the People tab in the course navigation side bar. You will now see a list of all students, teachers, and TA's in the course. Email and course information is also seen in this view. By default, observers are not listed in this window. Click on the 'Manage Users' button to see observers in addition to all other users in the course.

When students click on the People tab, they will only see a list of the teachers and other students. Students will not see observers in the course.

Viewing student groups

Student groups are viewed from the People tab in the course navigation bar. From there click on the “View Student Groups” button in the sidebar.

In this next window, you can view and edit instructor-created groups and student-created groups. Students will only be able to see instructor-created and student-created groups in which they are a member.


Viewing grades for concluded student enrollments

Viewing grades for concluded student enrollments can be done from the People tab in the course navigation bar. From there click on the “View Prior Enrollments” button in the sidebar. In this window, you will see all students who were previously enrolled and their total grade.


To view additional grade details, click on that user's name. In the next window click on the “Grades for <student's name>” button in the sidebar as seen in the screenshot below.


The next window will contain all grade details for this concluded user. Clicking on the “Show all details” or the checkmark-plus icon to view specific details about an assignment or quiz.


Deleting students

To delete a user, click on the people tab in the course navigation sidebar. From there, click on Manage Users button in the sidebar. When you hover over a particular user, you will see icons for enrollment details, editing information, and deleting the student. Click on the X will delete the user as seen in the screenshot below.

Once the student is deleted, you can still view their details in the View Prior Enrollments button in the sidebar.


Adding Observers and TAs in Canvas

Adding observers and TA's is done through the same method as adding students and teachers via the “Manage Users” tab within the People section of Canvas.

TA's have the same level of access as teachers.

Observers only have read access to the course. They are unable to submit assignments, take quizzes, or see other student sin the course.

Observers can also be associated with a particular student in the course. This can be particularly useful in a K-1w environment when a teacher wants a parent to be able to see their child's progress. Once the observer (parent) is added, there is a link which allows the observer go be linked to a student as seen in the screenshot below.

Once linked to a student, observers can view the student's assignments, grades, etc.


Student Access Reports

Teachers can keep up with a student's activity within Canvas by viewing the student's access report. This can be helpful if a teacher needs to verify that student viewed an assignment or attempted to take quiz. The report lists all content within the course that the student has visited. It also shows how many times the content was viewed, how many times the student participated (for discussions) and the last time the student viewed that content.


Training Materials

People overview


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