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Brief Description and Possible Uses

Here, every user can change their own profile. And since every user can change their own profile, this is something that the student can do on their own and that the teacher can’t actually do it for them. It can add in different email addresses, like for instance if they check their work email more often. If they want to link their Instructure account, their Instructure campus account, with their text messaging on their cell phone. Additionally, there are some other services out on the web that they can integrate to unlock new features within Canvas. Essentially these two … are the services that I have already set up, and the ones that I haven’t yet.

Instructor Tutorials

Editing your profile in Canvas

You can edit your Full Name, Display Name and Time Zone. You can receive updates from Instructure, delete your profile and change your password here.

First click on Profile in the top right navigation bar of the Canvas. Then click Edit Profile.


You can now make your changes. Make sure to click Update Profile to complete.


Adding Email Contacts in Canvas

First while logged into Canvas click on Profile then Add Email Address.


Type in the email address you wish to add and click Register Email.


**If you wish to set this email address as your default email address which will then be your new Canvas log in make sure you check the box I want to log into Canvas using this email address.


Adding a contact phone

To add a contact cell phone number to Canvas in order to receive SMS text messages click on Profile then click on Add Contact Method.


Type in your cell phone number. Select your cell phone service provider. The SMS email will auto-populate depending on your provider. Click Register SMS.


You will receive a text message on your cell phone with an activation code enter it into the box and click Confirm.


You will then note that your SMS number will be listed under Other Contacts.


To remove a cell phone number for SMS text click on the Trash Can next to the number in the Other Contacts section. Click OK.