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Creating a quiz

Importing quizzes in QTI format

Publishing Quizzes

Another place in Instructure where we use the term “Publish” is within the quizzes. So you’re quizzes can have a different type, Practice quizzes and Assignment quizzes, but the unpublished quizzes are the quizzes that you’re currently working on, that you’re not ready for students to take yet. So, you can work on these quizzes adding to its’ questions and its’ different types until you’re ready. And then you would publish it to make it available for students to take.

Allowing Extra Quiz Attempts for Selected Students

Setting up Quiz Question Groups

Another place that we use the term groups is within quizzes to create question groups. A question group is a way that you can group multiple questions and you can have the system randomly select a subset of those questions to give personalized tests to students. So for example, here in this question group that I’ve named chapter two, I have three questions and at random, I’ve told the system to pick two of those questions to make them work five points a piece.

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