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Brief Description and Possible Uses

The Sidebar is ubercool. Like a best friend, it just *knows* when you need a certain button, a piece of content, or a bit of info. Like a chameleon, the Sidebar is constantly changing, depending on where you are in Canvas. But like a mountain, it never moves. It's always there. Due east.

Here are some screenshots of the Sidebar in different places throughout Canvas:

Instructor Tutorials

Working with the Content Pane in Canvas

The content pane or the Sidebar in Canvas will contain the actions available for the page that you are on. Most pages will contain a Create or Add item for the section. Other editing options and settings are available in the Sidebar.


What kinds of buttons and options will I find in the Sidebar?

The Sidebar will have different actions for different pages. Most pages will have an add or create button. There are also edit options or settings available on some pages