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Brief Description and Possible Uses

The course syllabus is made up of three main components. If you set up a grading scheme for your course, that will be reflected over here on the right. The syllabus itself is made up of a content portion, and an automatic system managed portion of the syllabus. In the system managed portion of the syllabus, anything inside of your course that has a date will be reflected here in this list. If it’s undated, it will just show up here at the bottom. As you change a due date, or any of the dates inside your system, the syllabus will be automatically updated. The content portion of the syllabus is where you can put in the description of the course, introduction to the teacher and your other different policies. You just edit it and either recreate the content here inside the content pane or just link to the files if you have them already on your desktop. So the syllabus is made up of a content portion which you have complete control over and a portion that is completely updated and managed by the system.

Training Materials

Syllabus overview