Getting Started for Instructors

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Here is a brief tutorial on how to get started using Canvas:


Designing links

Teaching/Facilitating links

Choose your own adventure (suggest learning pathways)

  • You want to know how to send a 'blast message' to all of the students in your course. You don't plan on grading inside of Canvas or using the file repository.
  • You need to know how to upload course files online, including your syllabus. You don't plan on grading inside Canvas, you just want a central repository for all of your class files.
  • You need to know how to grade your assignments online. At this point in time you just want to know how to leverage the Canvas SpeedGrader™ to save you some grading time.
  • You have a course in x LMS and you want to migrate to Canvas.
  • You have your paper syllabus in hand and you want to build a Canvas course from scratch.