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What Is Computrace?

Computrace is software built into program laptops that were purchased as part of MCLA's Laptop Initiative. In the event your laptop is stolen, the Computrace software tracks the stolen computer and provides local police with the information they need to get it back. Those who purchases a program laptop in Fall 2007 and after have 4 years Combut other years vary in length. This service is provided for 4 years from the date of purchase as part of the MCLA Laptop Initiative bundle.

How It Works

All Dell Latitude D610, D620, 630 and E6400s that have been purchased through MCLA's Laptop Initiative program come with Computrace software. Computrace is an application that is embedded into the laptop's firmware (BIOS). This means, in the event that the hard drive on the program laptop has been reformated or replaced the computrace software stays intact.

How To Ensure you are Protected

To ensure Computrace is running on your laptop - check the following settings in your laptops BIOS.

  • 1. As soon as you turn on the laptop and see the 'Dell' logo - Press the 'F2' key
  • 2. Using the keyboard arrows scroll down and select 'Security'
  • 3. Under 'Security' select 'Computrace(R)'
  • 4. Ensure 'Activate' is highlighted
  • 5. Restart the laptop as normal - visit the following website:
  • 6. Enter the Dell service tag (located on the bottom of your laptop) on the website.

You will be presented with the date/time of the last successful connection that Computrace made with your laptop.


If you find that this is not activated bring your laptop to the MCLA Computer HelpDesk to seek assistance in turning it on.

Who To Contact If Your Laptop is Lost/Stolen

  • 1. Call MCLA Public Safety Department at (413)662-5284
  • 2. Call Absolute Software (Computrace) at 1-800-81-THEFT (1-800-818-4338)
  • 3. Ensure that you mention you are an MCLA student who has purchased the laptop through the special DELL/MCLA program.