Connecting to network file share (homeshare H: drive)

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File storage on MCLA's file server (homeshare) is available for all faculty, staff and active students. The network file storage can be used for personal backup of important work documents. This personal file space is limited to 1GB of storage and therefor users should only store critical data on it to avoid reaching its maximum capacity. The server is backed up on a regular basis and is a secure location. It is important to note that this network file storage is only available while connected on-campus through MCLA's network. This network drive is also automatically accessible through various general use computer stations on campus including those in the computer lab as well as all instructor stations located in classrooms. The H:\ drive letter is typically reserved for this purpose and will automatically be 'mapped' upon login to the workstation. It can also be accessible on primary-use computers connected to the MCLA network on campus with the following instructions below.

Workstations owned by MCLA

Faculty and staff that have been assigned Windows-based desktop or laptop computers configured and owned by MCLA will have the H: drive accessible to them through the windows explorer automatically as long as they log in while connected to the network on-campus. The S: drive letter may also show which is typically reserved for departmental network shares that are accessible to a group of individuals (

For faculty and staff that have been assigned a Mac OS based desktop or laptop, please see the following instructions on how to manually access and map their personal network file share:

Personally owned computers

Users that would like to access their personal network share from their own computers can do so by following these instructions for mapping the H: drive to their computers.


  • Why should I save documents to the network drive?

Saving documents to your network drive will back up your files and avoid potential loss of data due to hardware failures, file corruption, and viruses. It is not advised that you use 'local' storage to save your critical information and are encouraged to use network storage as a secure place to keep your important files.

  • Can I save documents to both my network drive and my local drive?

Yes, you can save documents to both your local drive and network drive. It is important to keep track of the versions of the documents when doing so.

  • What if I need access to the network drive from off-campus?

Currently access to the network drive is not available to all users from off-campus.

  • Where do I go for assistance if I have questions?

As always the MCLA Computer Help Desk can provide assistance with your questions. Feel free to e-mail us at

  • Can anyone else access my files on the network?

Anything that is saved on the H: drive is only accessible to you and is considered personal network space. S: drive is typically allocated for network shares that are accessible by multiple users.