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Brief Description and Possible Uses

Since the statistics for the course is available to the teachers, we put it on the settings tab so that just the teachers can see it. Some of the course statistics, you can answer questions like which pieces of content in your course are your students using the most, you can see the overall activity and how much the students are inside of your course. By the assignments, you can see the breakdown of how you’ve created them by type. You can also see the last time the students have logged in, so you can see if the students are actually logging in and participating in your course. File storage lets you see how you’re doing in relation to the quota and if you need to ask your admin for a little bit more space.

Instructor Tutorials

Viewing Course Statistics on Page Views

Course Statistics for Canvas are located in the Settings tab at the bottom of the navigation bar. From here you click on the Course Statistics button at the top the Side Bar. The main course statistics page will give page different statistics about your course. The number of page views over time will be displayed at the bottom of the page. You can zoom to specific time set using the scroll bar below the graph or there is a zoom feature to see from 1 day to 1 year.

Course stats 0.png

Course stats 1.png

Viewing Course Statistics on Assignments

The Assignment Statistics will give you a usage report on how many assignments of each submission type are in the course. It will also give how many submissions have been made for each assignment type.

Viewing Course Statistics on Students

The Students tab in Course Statistics will display recently logged in users. You can click on a user to get more information about that user and what assignments have been turned in and page views with a history of how much time was spent on each page.

Viewing Course Statistics on File Storage

This section of the course will give you how much storage you are allowed to use and how much you are using. The used storage is split into Uploaded Files and Media Files.

Training Materials

Course Statistics overview


People Tab: Students - Statistics


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