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For various reasons pertaining to security, certain services within the MCLA network are protected from direct access to the Internet. Access to these resources from other networks requires special software to provide a secure “tunnel” from your computer. MCLA employs the use of OpenVPN with a SSL VPN certificate to provide this function and this document explains how to access, install and use this tool for MacOS based machines.

Installing OpenVPN Software

  • 1. To download the VPN Software you will need to go to the following OpenVPN web page found here : OpenVPN
  • 2. At the web page scroll down to the section titled "Download the OpenVPN Connect Client" and then click the download link which should read "OpenVPN Connect Client for macOS version #.#.#.###"
  • 3. A download for the VPN titled openvpn-connect-#.#.#.###_signed.dmg should begin.
  • 4. Once the download is complete, double click the file to open it. Double click the installer titled OpenVPN_Connect_Installer_signed.pkg to start installing the VPN.


  • 5. Click Continue


  • 6. Click Continue and then Agree in the popup window.


  • 7. Click Install


  • 8. Click Close. Installation is complete at this time.


  • 9. Once Installation is complete you will need to add the SSL VPN Certificate to the program.

Installing the SSL VPN Certificate

  • 1. Once the VPN Client is installed on your device you will need to login to the Remote Access Portal to download a certificate file found here : Sophos VPN
  • 2. At the web page you will need to login using your A# and password or the credentials you were provided for the VPN.


  • 3. Once logged in select the Remote Access link on the page.
  • 4. Click the download button lowest on the list. It should be the option to "download the configuration file to set up SSL VPN".
  • 5. A download for the configuration file titled should begin.


  • 6. Once the download is complete, go back to OpenVPN and under the Import menu select the From local file option. Select the certificate that you just downloaded to finish installation.

Using the VPN

 To Connect


  • 1. In OpenVPN there will now be a menu titled In the menu click the connect button.


  • 2. You will be prompted to login with a username and password. Use your A# and MCLA password and then hit connect.
 To Disconnect


  • 1. Once connected, in the main menu a option titled Disconnect will appear. Click this option to disconnect from the VPN.