New Student Voicemail Introduction Letter

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To: MCLA Resident Students

From: Seth Bean, Telecommunications

Date: Academic Semesters 2017/2018

Re: Student Dorm Phone/Voicemail Information

Welcome new and returning students. Important Announcement Below.

The college encourages students to utilize voicemail to keep you informed about important notices and announcements.

MCLA provides a unique way to deliver voicemail and dorm room phone services.

Your phone number is the same as your voice mail box number. Calls will still ring first at your dorm room but if not answered, callers can leave a message which will be put it into your MCLA Email inbox. If you change rooms, both your Voice Mailbox/Phone Number will stay the same, now called your Personal Extension Number.

You will not have to dial into the voice mail system to check or pick up messages. All your voice messages will be forwarded to your MCLA email inbox as sound file attachments. They will appear as email starting with the Subject “(Voice Mail)”. Click on the email to open and hear your message. Even if you choose not to plug in a phone or set up a personal greeting you will still receive voice messages in your MCLA Email inbox.

To contact another student, dial 5101, press * then dial the desired number (i.e. 7xxx or 8xxx) when you hear the operator’s welcome message. To dial from off campus, dial 413-662-5101 and at the welcome message, enter the number.

Set up your personal greeting and security code: See the Campus Connection ( main page under Links for Students to see instructions for utilizing and personalizing your voicemail system.

Questions about your voicemail or phone services? Call the HelpDesk – x5276 or go to

Forgot a phone to plug into your room? Need to dial long distance from a dorm phone? Request a VoIP phone from the Computer Support Help Desk. Purchase a prepaid calling card from the MCLA Bookstore.