O365 - Enable Clutter in Office 365

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About Clutter

There is a feature in Office 365 called ‘Clutter’. The purpose of this feature is to automatically move less important e-mail to the Clutter subfolder. This helps with the organization of your inbox. The service learns your e-mail reading habits to determine which messages are lower priority and will often times help with moving advertisements that are delivered to you regularly that you may not open. However, you will want to check the Clutter folder periodically to ensure no legitimate e-mail is accumulating in it. If you do find that there are legitimate e-mail messages found in the Clutter folder, it is important to move it back to your inbox so the service learns not to continue to sort future messages back to the clutter folder.

Enabling Clutter

If desired, individuals can choose to enable Clutter by following this procedure:

1. Click the Settings icon (gear in upper right corner).

2. Type "clutter" in the Search all settings search field.

3. Click Clutter, which will appear below your search field.

5. In the settings pane on the left, ensure the Separate items identified as clutter is checked. Optionally, you may check the option to enable notifications about messages that are separated as clutter.

6. Click "Save" to save your settings.