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Media Services

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* Video and audio recording and editing
* [[Large-Format Printing]]
* [[Yodeck]] - Electronic signage maintenance and administration
* [[Philo]] - Online TV Streaming Services
* DVD/CD duplication
* [[Lecture Recording]]
Aaron Bieniek, Media Services Manager, Audio Visual Equipment Technician II
* Murdock room 114
* x5328
Forrest Houghton, Media Audio Visual Equipment Technician
* Murdock room 114
* x5287
Requests can be made directly with the office of Media Services or through the student affairs office’s Non-Classroom Space Request Form: [ Non-Classroom Space Request Form]This form can also be found on the MCLA portal page.
Be sure to list your AV requirements on this form. If you have questions about your specific needs for an event please contact us. Requests for event support should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

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