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General Telecommunication Questions for Resident Students

Long Distance Questions

Q. Does the college provide long distances services?
A. The college does not provide or contract with any particular long distance carrier. The college suggests purchasing a calling card from any carrier through the MCLA Bookstore or local convenient stores to access long distance calling.
Q. What numbers do I dial from my dorm phone to make long distance calls?
A. From you dorm phone, you would press 9, 1, then put in your calling card # by following the information on the back of your card. The number is usually a Toll free number then a pin number to access the minutes, then dial the phone number you want to call.

Voice Mail Questions

Q. I forgot my password to access my message?
A. Try the last 4 digits of your A number. If you still have difficulty, call the HelpDesk at x5276 and our college technician will reset the code.
Q. I don’t know my voice mail box number?
A. The Helpdesk can help you look it up.
Q. I lost my instructions for my voice mail?
A. You can obtain student voice mail instructions on the college Telecommunications website or call the HelpDesk x5276.

Phone System Questions

Q. What type of phone can I bring on campus?
A. MCLA is now offering VoIP service in the residence halls - VoIP phones are available through the Computer Support Services Help Desk free of charge. Cell phones have limited reliability in the residential halls. If you have a specialized equipment needing an analog line, please let RPS know and they can arrange for an adapter to be provided.
Q. Do we have Caller ID capabilities on our phones?
A. VoIP phones provided by the college do have Caller ID capabilities.
Q. My phone line is dead; How do I get it fixed?
A. Call the HelpDesk x5276 and leave a detailed message of the problem.
Q. What happens if I break my college provided VoIP phone?
A. Phones must be returned in good working order or you will be charged a $50 replacement fee.

Cellular Phone Coverage

Q. What cell service is best around campus?
A. Currently, Verizon Wireless/AT&T are the most reliable in most areas of North Adams. Our campus area is encounters some dead zones and low service areas (around town and around the campus) including the residential halls (Berkshire Towers/Hoosac Halls). The Townhouse areas are best for minimal service inside and more available outside. Currently, the best service is with newer Verizon Smartphones that are capable of Advanced Calling 1.0/HD Voice. Advanced Calling 1.0/HD Voice service uses the LTE network, which is able to serve more area on campus due to the different frequency 4G LTE uses. If you have a device capable of it, it is recommended to enable this free feature on your cellphone account. WiFi calling is also available from many major carriers, and is recommended on campus.

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