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As reported in the Beacon, over spring break the college will be receiving a boost in the speed of access to the Internet. Available bandwidth will be more than doubled with the addition of a 50mbps (that’s 50 megabits per second) connection provided by Time Warner. The new link is in the process of being installed and will be thoroughly tested prior to being put into service over the break.

The new service is primarily aimed at students, both in the dorms and on the wireless network, but the benefits will be noticeable to the entire campus community as load on the existing circuits is relieved.

Since this initiative was well underway when I arrived on campus in December, I have to point out that the credit goes to Peter Allmaker and his team in Computer Support Services, with the support of Vice President Jim Stakenas. Recognizing their hard work, I am very pleased to be able to announce this improvement in service to the MCLA campus.