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Procedure on Office PCs for Academic Departments


It is the policy of MCLA to provide each full time faculty member with a computer so that the faculty member may send and receive email, access appropriate student and course records, maintain on line course sites, use the Internet and participate in the on line life of the college through the e-campus portal.


Computer Support Services will provide a computer and a standardized set of software packages. Only one machine selected from a limited number of standard configurations will be provided after consultation with the faculty member. The exact specifications will change over time as hardware and MCLA's standard software package evolve. The computer remains the property of CSS and may be redistributed elsewhere if it is no longer needed by the person to whom it is assigned. The computer will be updated on a regular cycle or on a case by case basis when CSS deems that it is not repairable or is technologically obsolete.

Peripheral equipment such as scanners will continue to be a departmental responsibility, however CSS will provide a network printer convenient to each office.

Where the needs of a specific subject require specialized computing equipment, the academic department will continue to be responsible for acquiring that equipment through the regular budget process or some other process established by the academic VP.