Conference Bridge Instructions

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Conference Bridge Instructions

MCLA Telecommunications Services now offers internally supported conference bridges that can be used for all conference call needs.

-There are two (2) separate 8 party conference bridges.

-They can be used with internal calls or calls with outside callers.

-They consist of a Chairperson line and a Participant line.

Starting a Conference Call –

  • 1. Prior to conference call, inform participants of the Conference Call Participant phone number, date, and time of the call.
  • 2. At time of call – Chairperson calls the Chairperson phone number;
  • 3. At time of call – up to 7 Participants call the Participant phone number;
  • 4. Once all the parties that are expected are on the line, the Chairperson can lock the conference call from additional participants by dialing 0. This is important – others could dial in if there is space and listen to your conversation if not locked.
  • 5. When finished with call – just hang up.