How do I change View Properties?

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From the VIEW menu, select "Change View Properties" to prompt the dialog box. These options allow you to determine the order in which items appear in your mailbox, background pictures in windows, and the font/size used to display lists of messages.

The first section on Sorting allows you to determine the default settings for sorting messages in the selected window. The default settings will sort items as a list, chronologically sorted with newest messages on top, and with grouping by subject. Grouping on SUBJECT can result in hierarchically arranged lists of items by which all of the messages about a particular topic (the original and all of the corresponding reply messages) appear together, no matter when they were received or sent. If you prefer to view messages by date only, change to Group Items on "none."

In the section on "Display" you may select a font and size to display the list of items in your MailBox. This may help you avoid eye strain!

NOTE: View Properties are specific to the current window in which you are working. You must make changes for each window. In addition, changes must be made to both top and bottom "panes" or sections of each window, if desired.