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How to Access Microsoft Stream


The following article explains where to access Microsoft Stream on a computer and how to download the mobile application on your phone.

Accessing Microsoft Stream on Your Computer

Microsoft Stream can be accessed as part of your Office 365 application suite. To access this simply login to your college email through the MCLA Portal page and click the square grid in the top left of the page. In the Apps menu that appears click All Apps -> and scroll down until you see Stream and click on it to open the application. After opening it once it should appear in the initial apps menu without needing to scroll down to find it.

Installing the Microsoft Stream Mobile Application

The Microsoft Stream app is currently available for iOS and Android based devices. The application can be installed by searching for Microsoft Stream in the App Store or Google Play Store. The downloads can also be accessed directly by using the following links:

iOS 11+ or Android 5.0+ is required in order to be able to install the Microsoft Stream app on each device. Simply click the Install / Download button in the App Store or Google Play Store will install the application on your phone or mobile device.