July 2 - Week 2 Planning: Requesting Shared Administrative Conferences/Mailboxes in Office 365 Email

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Thank you for your participation with last week's personal e-mail planning! This week we are looking at Conferences in First Class created to interface with the public. Often this involves an external email address, such as admissions@mcla.edu.

Computer Support will be re-creating functions served by First Class conferences. Over the years a large number of conferences have been created, but many of them have outlived their purpose. As we transition to the new system, conferences for which we cannot identify a continuing need, or a responsible contact person, will not be represented in Office 365.

Please review the list of conferences we are currently working on


Email has already been sent to each contact person indicated, asking for information about the continued need, function and people involved.

  • If you receive one of our direct email messages, please respond as soon as you can.
  • Even if you are not listed as a contact, please review the list and let us know if you think there is one missing.
  • If you are a key person in a conference but are not the person we contacted, please help that person respond to our request.
  • Please be aware that we are currently focused on making available those conferences already in use at this time. Those requests for new conferences can be made after Office 365 conversion is completed.

Next week we will be looking at conferences that are either academic or that are internal to MCLA.