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To use any of the technology services at MCLA, you are required to have a MCLA User ID and password. With a MCLA User ID and password you have access to the following resources.

  • Computer Labs
  • Wireless Network/Wireless Printing
  • Dorm Internet Access
  • Classroom Computers
  • Office 365 (MCLA Portal)
  • Campus Computer Stations
  • Canvas
  • Access to Microsoft Software through MCLA
  • Your MCLA User ID and password is set up during a self service account registration process. After you have successfully gone though the registration process, your account will be activated and ready to use. It is important to acknowledge the user agreement policies during the registration process.

    MCLA User Account Management

    • Change Your Password - You can use this tool to change your current MCLA password. NOTE: When entering your MCLA User ID, append at the end of it. (

    Guest Account Access

    FAQ about MCLA User Accounts