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MCLA Multi-Factor Authentication for Email and Microsoft Office 365 Access

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Multi-Factor authentication (a.k.a. MFA) is a security method to help better protect email accounts and Office 365 access by adding a layer of protection to the sign-in process. In addition to entering a password, this added security requires users to approve their sign-ins using a mobile device or telephone. This way if a user account password is somehow exposed, the account can stay protected by the second factor that is required to gain access.

All MCLA accounts will soon have MFA turned on. MFA will not be required when signing on to the main MCLA Portal, but will appear when accessing any Microsoft related services that MCLA has available, such as email, teams, and sharepoint. This documentation will walk you through how to prepare for the use of this security requirement and provide guidance on usage.

Step 1 - Prepare

We recommend you follow this checklist to prepare for the account security transition to MFA. These steps can be completed anytime, but its best to do before MFA is turned on for your account.

Step 2 - Setup

MCLA IT will notify you when MFA will be turned on for your account. After its been turned on, follow these steps in this link to setup your account to work with MFA.

  • Important Note: During the setup process you'll be asked what your preferred authentication method is. The most convenient method is to approve sign-ins using notifications served through the Microsoft authenticator app. To set this, select "Notify me through app" as the default verification option and check the box next to "Authenticator app or Token", You can then select "Set Up Authenticator App" to proceed with how to configure the Authenticator app on your phone.


Step 3 - Use and Manage

Its important to note that when MFA is turned on - all access sign ins to Office 365 services will require the use of it. This includes access to MCLA Email, Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint/OneDrive. To ensure you don't lose access to your account, you should remember to update your security information whenever you change your phone number. Here are some additional resources we recommend you review to help enhance your experience with using MFA by learning more about the different security methods you can setup and how to effectively manage them.