Network Account Creation Procedure

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Procedure on Network Account Creation For Employees


When an individual enters employment at MCLA a number of network accounts and resources will be created which allow normal office functions and campus communications. Depending on the position being assumed, additional access to special resources will be made available. This policy documents the authorization process for granting these resources.


On receiving appropriate documentation for a new employee, Human Resources will create a Banner General Person record and pass information to Computer Support Services.

Computer Support Services will:
1. Create an unactivated MCLANet account.
2. Create an unactivated account in the email groupware system.
3. Create an unactivated account on an appropriate network file server.

The new employee will be responsible for activating the accounts through an on-line process.

Any additional access must be initiated by the employee’s supervisor in consultation with Computer Support Services or with the maintainer of accounts for other specialized resources. Examples of such resources are Banner (Registrar and Computer Services), HRCMS (Human Resources), Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge (Alumni/Development), CAMIS (Facilities), and Dynamics (Treasurer).