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In an effort to reduce costs and the production of waste MCLA will move to network printers or printing copiers and away from dependence on small personal printers which have a high cost per page. Following a direction by the cabinet in late 2009 Computer Support Services (CSS) was given responsibility for this migration.


Printers will be provided by CSS. It will choose models based on suitability for the expected application as well as on low maintenance and consumables cost. All printers, ink and toner will be purchased by CSS. User print jobs will be processed through network queues to shared devices whenever possible. Print accounting software will record the user, printer and job details.

Shared printers will be placed so that a workgroup monochrome printer or printing copier is in or convenient to each office suite. Shared color printers will also be provided for a department or group of departments depending on building layouts.

When a network printer is not appropriate or sharing is not practical an individual printer will be installed. Printers dedicated to Banner printing may fall into this category. Directors and faculty members serving as chairpersons who conduct personnel evaluations may be equipped with individual printers as well.

Once network printers are in place individual printers may be reclaimed by Computer Support Services (CSS) for redistribution or disposal.