O365 - Chat and Video Conferencing in Teams

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Individual and Group Chats

  • 1. In order to start a individual or group chat, click the Chat option in the left menu.
  • 2. In the top bar, you can start a chat one of two ways. You can click the new chat icon directly left of the search bar which will open a new chat window and allow you to invite users to a chat. You can also search for a user in the search bar which will open your chat history with them. Once in the users chat window you can click the add people button located on the top right of the page underneath the close button.


  • 3. Once you have a text chat going you can change this to a video or voice chat by clicking the video and voice chat buttons found on the right side of the chat window.

Team Meet Now

  • 1. While in a team tab, you can start a video meeting with users by clicking the reply button to any topic.


  • 2. In the reply bar, click the Meet Now button which looks like the video camera. You can also click the Meet Now button at the bottom of the feed unrelated to any topic.
  • 3. Add a title of the meeting and then click Meet Now.
  • 4. Once in the meeting, you can add users by searching for their name and clicking on them to add them to the meeting.