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These instructions walk you through creating a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from Canvas and linking to it from your course.

You only need to create rooms once for each course, and can continue to use them throughout the semester. Even though each meeting has an assigned date and time, it can be joined via the generated link at any time.


  1. Choose a Canvas page to put the meeting/breakout room information (e.g. the Syllabus, Home page, or a calendar event).
  2. Select the More External Tools button (the "v" icon) in the toolbar.
    Canvas text editor with external tools toolbar icon highlighted.
  3. Select Microsoft Teams Meetings from the dropdown menu.
    Canvas text editor external tools dropdown with Microsoft Teams Meetings selected.
  4. Click Create meeting link (you may be prompted to sign in).
  5. To create your "main" meeting room, give it a title, and click Create.
    Tip: Although each Teams meeting requires a date & time, it doesn't matter what you enter. The meeting will remain continuously "open" and can be joined at any point in the semester.
    Canvas pop up window with Microsoft Teams new meeting options.
  6. Click Copy to automatically add the Teams meeting link to your page. The link and dial-in information will be automatically added to your page.
  7. If you create Canvas calendar events for meetings, you can copy and paste the meeting room information into the event description so that it can be found more easily.

Using Breakout Rooms

If you you need to split students into multiple small discussion groups during a synchronous virtual meeting, you can do that by creating "breakout rooms." These consistent of a "main" Teams room, where the whole class can meet, and then a number of "breakout" rooms which students can join in small groups. When you join a second Teams meeting, your camera and mic will be put "on hold" in the first meeting until you rejoin.

To create Breakout Rooms, repeat the process above for each room, giving them unique names so you can direct students to each. Tip: It can be helpful to add text to the page around the link to help students find it and let them know what that room will be used for.

Canvas page with one main meeting room Teams link and three Breakout Room Teams links labeled 'Group 1,' 'Group 2,' and 'Group 3.'

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