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Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling service that provides MCLA Offices a way to easily allow community members to make appointments for services. Microsoft Bookings provides a webpage integrated with department and office calendars in order to display available times during which you can set up meetings.

Information and Guides about Bookings

How to setup a Microsoft Bookings page

Office Hours with Microsoft Bookings

Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting in Microsoft Bookings, start by accessing your Bookings page through the Outlook Web App, through Microsoft Teams, or the Microsoft website. Once you have accessed Bookings,

Another way to schedule a meeting is if a department or an office shares a service link with you. The link can be emailed to you or you can find it posted on another online resource or website. Click the link and you will be brought to the Booking page. Here, you will have to fill out or select information regarding your appointment, such as the reason for the appointment, the date and time, and your name, phone number, email address, and any other relevant information. Click the "Book" button at the bottom of the page to schedule the meeting.

Add Business Information

Add Staff Members

Add Services

Sharing a Service Link

Viewing the Calendar

FAQ about Bookings

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