O365 - Schedule a virtual Teams meeting

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Teams Meeting from Office 365

Teams meetings can be scheduled using Office 365.

Step 1

Select the Calendar view in the Office 365 Portal




Step 2

Click on New Event to create a new meeting invitation

  Calendar view.png

Step 3

Add your desired recipients and any additional information

Step 4

Click the Online Meeting button to add Teams details to your meeting invitation.


Step 5

For all college faculty and staff, call in options will automatically be added to your meeting invitation.

Click Send.

Teams can also be used for phone-based conference calls

Create a meeting as described above and simply call in to your own meeting.

If you are calling in, to lead the meeting you will need your conference PIN. This can be set and reset here: https://mysettings.lync.com/pstnconferencing?language=en-US (be sure to log in with your MCLA credentials when prompted).