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==FAQ about Office 365==
==FAQ about Office 365==
*[[I can't log in to Office 365.  What do I do?]]
*[[How do I e-mail classes through Office 365?]]
*[[How do I e-mail classes through Office 365?]]
==Related Topics==
==Related Topics==
*[[User ID and Password]]
*[[User ID and Password]]

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Office 365 is MCLA's official communication and groupware system . With Office 365, you can email members of the MCLA community and receive important news by receiving campus wide announcements. There are also useful web-based office document editing features and cloud-based storage. To use Office 365 you must have a valid MCLANET User ID and Password account. The system can be accessed through MCLA's single sign on website located at http://sso.mcla.edu.

Office 365 CHECKLIST

  • 2. Confirm that you are using a supported web browser that will work with all the features Office 365 has to offer.

The following is a list of recommended web browsers to use with Office 365.

Not sure what operating system and web browser you are currently using? Use this tool located at: http://supportdetails.com/

  • 3. Sign on to Office 365 through MCLA's single sign on website:

Click here to login to MCLA's single sign on site (Office 365)]

Once you have signed in, look at the left side navigation for Office 365 links (Mail, Calendar, Documents, etc).

Information about Office 365

Office 365 Guides - Outlook Web App


Office 365 Guides - Campus Collaboration Sites

FAQ about Office 365

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