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*[[How do I e-mail classes through Office 365?]]
*[[How do I e-mail classes through Office 365?]]
*[[O365 - Create an e-mail signature|How do I setup an e-mail signature?]]
*[[O365 - Create an e-mail signature|How do I setup an e-mail signature?]]
*[[O365 - Set a Vacation/Auto reply Message|How do I setup an out of office reply message?]]
==Related Topics==
==Related Topics==
*[[User ID and Password]]
*[[User ID and Password]]

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Office 365 is MCLA's official communication and groupware system . With Office 365, you can email members of the MCLA community and receive important news by receiving campus wide announcements. There are also useful web-based office document editing features and cloud-based storage. To use Office 365 you must have a valid MCLANET User ID and Password account. The system can be accessed through MCLA's single sign on website located at http://sso.mcla.edu.

Office 365 CHECKLIST

  • 2. Confirm that you are using a supported web browser that will work with all the features Office 365 has to offer.

The following is a list of recommended web browsers to use with Office 365.

Not sure what operating system and web browser you are currently using? Use this tool located at: http://supportdetails.com/

  • 3. Sign on to Office 365 through MCLA's single sign on website:

Click here to login to MCLA's single sign on site (Office 365)]

Once you have signed in, look at the left side navigation for Office 365 links (Mail, Calendar, Documents, etc).

  • 4. Disable pop up blocker:

If you click on the options on the left, you may find that nothing happens because a pop up has blocked the Office 365 window from showing. If this happens to you, please refer to the pop up blocker section and follow instruction on how to disable the pop up blocker. Click the option again once you have disabled the pop up blocker for the site.

Information about Office 365

Office 365 Guides - Outlook Web App


Office 365 Guides - Campus Collaboration Sites

FAQ about Office 365

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