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Step 1 - Laptop Minimum Requirements

MCLA requires all incoming students to have a laptop as part of MCLA's Laptop Initiative program. Most laptop computers purchased within the last few years will connect to our network without any problems. However, if you are looking to purchase a laptop or bring one from home, you should check out our Laptop Minimum Hardware Requirements.

Step 2 - Activate your MCLANET ID

You can activate your account information upon 2-3 business days after class registration. Once your account is created you must go through the online activation process. To go through the activation process please visit the account management tools. You do not have to be on campus to activate your account.

The MCLANET ID and password is used for authentication purposes for services such as campus computer access, wireless network access and FirstClass email.

Step 3 - Read MCLA Policies

Get familiar with the user policies that you agreed upon during this MCLANET account activation.

Step 5 - Verify you have wireless access

The MCLANET Wireless Network cover all classrooms, offices, public areas and some open spaces on the main campus. However, it does not cover resident dorms where an ethernet connection can be used. MCLANET User accounts (Step 2) are required for access to all resources.

Step 6 - Login To FirstClass

MCLA uses FirstClass to manage email and your professor may use FirstClass to facilitate online learning. Every student should be checking FirstClass. Please activate and download FirstClass as soon as you can. The FirstClass activation and download appears as one of the last steps of your MCLANET User account registration.

Step 7 - Login To Student Tools

Log on to Student Tools to review your schedule, financial aid and transcript information. As with anything, this requires your MCLANET account information.