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Name of Service Product/Vendor Description User Group
A/V Equipment Loaning Service N/A The Media Services department provides community members the option to borrow A/V equipment. Examples include laptops, video cameras, projectors, screens, media players, and audio recording devices. All Users
A/V Event Setup N/A Media Services provides assistance with events that have audio and video needs. This assortment of equipment includes microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, projection, easel pad and presentation laptop setup. All Users
A/V Support N/A Community members are welcome to contact the Media Services department for support with regard to classroom A/V equipment, assistance with audio/video format conversion, slide/photo scanning, and assistance with editing audio or video. All Users
Account Management Each user can obtain a user account that enables them to login to many online services provided through MCLA. Online self-service tools are available through the support website to provide users the ability to create new accounts and change or reset lost passwords. Full support for these tools is provided through the MCLA Computer Help Desk. All Users
Cable TV Service Time Warner Cable TV service is available on campus through Time Warner. This full digital service is primarily available throughout each dormitory room. The service is also available in certain conference rooms and public locations on campus. Students
Card Access Control Schlage Door security controlled through proximity card access is available in certain locations such as FCSI and Bowman. It is also used to secure and identify resident students as they enter their respective dormitory building. Faculty/Staff
Cloud Storage and Document Collaboration Sharepoint Users are able to store files on cloud storage through OneDrive/Sharepoint. Users are then able to share documents with other users and collaborate on those documents in real-time. All Users
Communication Portal MCLA Portal The MCLA Portal is a web-based intranet that provides all community members a single sign-on site that provides an easy-to-use way to access various online services that are offered. It provides each user a communication dashboard that includes campus-wide announcements, event calendars, and integration with MCLA social media outlets. All Users
Computer Labs N/A There are various computer laboratories located throughout the MCLA campus. The typical computer lab is sized for 20 student stations and 1 instructor station with projection. The majority of lab stations are thin clients that are connected to a virtualization infrastructure which provides flexibility by centralizing computing resources to servers. All Users
Consumables Inventory Tracking Banner Integrated A database that is used by the Shipping and Receiving department to track consumable office supplies. Faculty/Staff
Copier and Printing Services Printers and copiers are available throughout campus and are accessible through a campus-wide print server. Most copiers are maintained through a 3rd-party service but the majority of printers are maintained and repaired through MCLA directly. All Users
Credit Card Processing TouchNet This service is used by primarily of Bursar's office to process credit card payment. Faculty/Staff
Desktop Support Services Repair support for desktops and laptops purchased by MCLA are maintained directly by the MCLA Computer Help Desk. Repairs are often covered through a comprehensive warranty service that is added on to each unit purchased. Faculty/Staff
Digital Signage Concerto MCLA has various LCD TV units in public locations such as the Campus Center, Freel Library and FCSI building that display digital signage. These signs are connected to a centralized server that administrators can log into to change the content of those signs and also administer the schedule in which those signs are displayed. All Users
Directory Services LDAP/Active Directory MCLA maintains a directory that contains all of their users. This directory is used for authentication to many online services that are provided. In addition, it is maintained for the purpose of looking up user information such as office location, e-mail address, and phone extension. All Users
Document Delivery System FormFusion A system used to create electronic forms that are created through administrative systems. Faculty/Staff
Electronic Event Calendar MCLA Portal A publically accessible college event calendar which serves to communicate upcoming events happening throughout the campus. All Users
Electronic Survey System SurveyMonkey Various campus offices interested in composing and distributing a survey can access an easy-to-use web accessible service. Faculty/Staff
E-mail Service Office 365 E-mail service is provided to each campus community member. E-mail is part of a groupware solution that includes a personal calendar and the ability to save contact information. The service is mobile friendly and integrated closely with the MCLA Portal. All Users
Emergency Notification System RAVE Through the emergency notification system, users that choose to sign up to receive emergency notifications about the campus will be reached by automated phone calls, text messages, and e-mail messages. All Users
E-Portfolio System Digitcation Students are able to create a web-presence through MCLA' s e-portfolio system by being able to publish online their experiences and the work that they have done at MCLA. After they graduate from MCLA the service continues so they can utilize it with perspective employers or for graduate program admission. Students
Event Management System EMS A system is provided for management of events on campus. Organizers are able to electronically document events by scheduling them on a centralized calendar with workflow that is accessible to event setup staff. Faculty/Staff
Facilities Work Request Management SchoolDude A request tracking system for Facilities to electronically record work orders and projects. Faculty/Staff
Fax Service Fax service is provided to various campus offices. This includes traditional fax machines but also the ability to utilize a paperless electronic fax service that provides users the ability to send and receive faxes through an application installed on their computers. Faculty/Staff
File Storage Services Personal file storage accessible through the network is provided to each community member. In addition, departments or working groups can request a file share. File storage is secured and maintained by Network Services. It is backed up daily. All Users
Financial Accounting System Great Plains MCLA maintains a financial account system for the electronic accounting, purchasing, and asset management. Faculty/Staff
Fund Raising Management Raiser's Edge A system used by the Advancement office to track fund raising and donor relations. Faculty/Staff
Higher Education Applicant Tracking System Interview Exchange A system that provides the ability for Human Resources to manage various job searches and track the progress of interviews within search committee members and hiring managers. Faculty/Staff
Human Resources Management HRCMS Web-based software that Human Resources uses to manage payroll and employee data. Faculty/Staff
Internet Service Time Warner The campus network is connected to internet service that provides 500 Mbit/s in bandwidth. The service has failover protection to provide resiliency in case of outage. All Users
IT Asset Tracking OCS This system provides the ability for all laptops and desktop units purchased by MCLA to be electronically tracked through a client that communicates periodically to a server where information about that asset is stored. Faculty/Staff
IT Equipment Purchasing and Procurement Computer Support Services provides assistance to departments when they are purchasing IT related items. This service will provide advice on supported equipment and promote the best pricing with preferred vendors Faculty/Staff
IT Ticket System A ticket system to electronically track various IT related issues. Faculty/Staff
Judicial Management System CoCo The web-based system that enables RPS/Student Affairs to manage all aspects of the Code of Conduct violations. Faculty/Staff
Learning Management System Canvas MCLA offers faculty the ability to administer class content electronically through a learning management system. This web-based system is the primary delivery platform for fully online or hybrid courses but is used very frequency as a supplement tool for traditional face-to-face courses. All Users
Local Area Network Entersys Network services maintains a local area network that is comprised of over 1,000 network connections spanning across all campus buildings. The LAN offers 1GB connections through the recently upgraded switches. All Users
Mobile Phone Support Meraki Mobile phones are provided to certain faculty and staff members with the approval of Administration and Finance. Phones are provisioned, setup and are maintained through a mobile device management system. Faculty/Staff
Network Access Control Enterasys In certain VLANs on campus users are asked to register their device on the network. This network access control enhances the security of the network and the ability to document what devices are owned and operated by what users. All Users
Package Notification System Notifi A system that the mail room uses to notify campus members when packages have arrived for them to pick up. All Users
Payment Processing IntelliCheck A system used for check verification to process payments to the Bursar's office Faculty/Staff
Prospective Student Management System Spectrum A web-based application that enables the admissions department to manage prospective students. Faculty/Staff
Security Surveillance System A security surveillance system has been installed in various campus buildings including FCSI, Bowman, and the Office of Advancement. This provides a centralized video recording system that is web accessible. Faculty/Staff
Software Distribution Services Onthehub Through the Microsoft campus license agreement, users are able to download various Microsoft products through the "onthehub" service. This provides free Microsoft productivity and operating system software to students. For a small fee, faculty and staff also have 'work at home' rights to the software. All Users
Student Information System Banner, Titanium A student information system is maintained by the Administrative Systems department. This system is the centralized database of all student records, student billing information, financial aid information, emergency contact information and other secured records about students. Students are able to access a web-based component of this system that enables them to review their specific records through a web-based component of this application. All Users
Student Laptop Program Dell Students that chose to purchase a specific laptop that is fully supported through MCLA can receive full repair services at the Help Desk as part of the student laptop program. Laptops are covered under a damage protection service (typically for 4 years) that enables IT staff who are certified through the chosen vendor to have access to parts and perform hardware repairs. Students
Technology Enhanced Classrooms All general use classrooms on campus are equipped with a projector, instructor computer with touch capability, and document camera. An Extron switch system is installed in each room which enables the user to manage the media equipment through an easy-to-use control panel. All Users
Telephone Conference Bridge Service Faculty/Staff have access to a conference bridge service that enables multiple callers from different locations to talk all on one line. Faculty/Staff
Telephone Service Telephone service is provided throughout all campus offices and dorm room locations. All Users
Transcript Security System ScriptSafe A service that provides users the ability to securely request their transcript and have it delivered electronically. All Users
Unified Threat Management Sophos UTM Network Services maintains a unified threat management system to secure and monitor the perimeter of the LAN. The UTM service provides firewall protection, load balancing, and bandwidth control to help ensure security and connection stability to all users within the campus network. All Users
User Service Help Desk The Help Desk provides walk up, telephone and e-mail support to all campus users with regard to many of the technology services provided to the MCLA community. Those issues that cannot be resolved directly by the Help Desk are promoted to the next tier of support. All Users
Video Conference Systems PolyComm A portable ploycomm video conferencing system can be requested for use. Setup and support is provided by the Media Services. Faculty/Staff
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Vmware View Users are able to access virtual desktops that replicate the environment found in the general use computing lab from their own device. This virtual environment can be accessed from any computer, laptop or table that can run Vmware View client. The environment provides a standard Windows desktop with access to license software that MCLA cannot freely distribute to personal devices. All Users
Voice Mail System NEC Voicemail is provided to all campus community members. Voicemail boxes can be configured upon request to have voicemail messages automatically forwarded to e-mail. All Users
VPN Services Sophos UTM Faculty/Staff upon request can have access to the virtual private network which provides access to the campus network from off-campus. Once connected users can securely access resources only accessible on-campus. Faculty/Staff
Web Services Percussion Users can edit their section of the MCLA website through MCLA' s web content management software which is Percussion. Faculty/Staff
Wireless Network Enterasys Network Services maintains a wireless network available throughout each campus building and dormitory. All Users
Workflow Document System Alfresco A paperless workflow system Faculty/Staff