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Will other students be able to buy the same package at the same price?

Although not required to, any student may take advantage of the offer.

What does MCLA expect students to do with their laptops?

The laptops will be used for information access, homework, and administrative tasks. Right now students are using their computers for Internet research and access to library materials. More and more faculty are making class materials available on line. The campus offers wireless access in all its classroom buildings and public spaces including the library and Campus Center. Students can already complete administrative tasks on line such as checking the status of their financial aid documents, viewing copies of their grade transcript and schedule or contacting their adviser.

What changes are being proposed to guarantee that more faculty will be making materials available digitally?

The College invested in a Center for Academic Technology where faculty receive assistance to create teaching materials digitally. We work with faculty to utilize our Canvas Learning Management System. This LMS functions as a Web site for each course providing access to materials and lecture information at the student’s convenience. To date, there are over 100 courses in Canvas and more are added each semester.

What changes are being proposed to provide more administrative uses and how will students use them?

MCLA implemented a new student information system called Banner. This system provides access for students to do most of their course scheduling and registration on line.

What if an incoming student cannot afford to purchase a laptop even with financial aid?

We understand that each family faces unique challenges to finance higher education opportunities for family members. MCLA has kept pace with plans to help address these challenges. We will continue to do so. The computer vendor also offers a time payment plan. We believe that this laptop is much like purchasing textbooks or learning supplies; it is an important tool for College level work and over 90% of students already brings a computer to MCLA with them. However, for students who have documented that they exhausted all financial aid opportunities, the College will provide a College-owned laptop to meet the need of a particular course. Requests must be made to the financial aid office.

Why were they deemed the best provider?

The vendor was successful as they had the best product, price, maintenance plan, and ability to support College needs.

What if the computer breaks down?

If you come to campus with the preferred computer purchased under the vendor’s maintenance plan you will have access to on-site repair assistance and 24 hour-48 hour hardware repairs. Loaner laptops will be available while your machine is out for repair. If you bring a laptop with a different maintenance plan you will be subject to that vendor’s maintenance process and schedule.

How can the chosen laptop computer be ordered?

The College will maintain a Web page containing a link to a special order site and a phone number for telephone orders. The purchase site will recognize MCLA as a participating College.

What about security?

The recommended machine is equipped with a special fitting that can be used with an optional security cable to lock it to any stationary object. The bundle also includes a "LoJack" style theft recovery package from a company that will attempt to locate and recover a stolen laptop or, failing that; pay the laptop owner a graduated portion of the laptop's value.