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Voice Communications at MCLA

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MCLA is committed to providing updated telecommunication services to our entire community. The telecommunications department is continuing to evolve in the areas of innovation, efficiency and reliability. Our effort is to stay current and competitive in these areas of providing technologies while we grow and expand our institution for the future of communications here at MCLA.

For more information, please contact or x5276 Helpdesk.

Directory and End User Information

Telecommunication Services

All faculty/staff/ student requests for services or issues should be directed to the Helpdesk x5276.

Consult the FAQs for other ways to troubleshoot any telecom issues or problems prior to contacting the Helpdesk x5276.


Dialing Instructions for MCLA

  • Local calling
    • Press 9 then dial for local area which includes: North Adams, Adams, Cheshire, Williamstown, as well as local cellphone exchanges.
    • Included in local dialing for the our area is 802 area code for Southern Vermont communities only.
    • Included numbers for local calling:
      • 413;346;North Adams;MA
      • 413;398;North Adams;MA
      • 413;412;North Adams;MA
      • 413;473;North Adams;MA
      • 413;652;North Adams;MA
      • 413;662;North Adams;MA
      • 413;663;North Adams;MA
      • 413;664;North Adams;MA
      • 413;672;North Adams;MA
      • 413;217;Williamstown;MA
      • 413;307;Adams;MA
      • 413;337;Charlemont;MA
      • 413;339;Charlemont;MA
      • 413;352;Charlemont;MA
      • 413;424;Monroe Bridge;MA
      • 413;458;Williamstown;MA
      • 413;500;Monroe Bridge;MA
      • 413;597;Williamstown;MA
      • 413;723;Monroe Bridge;MA
      • 413;743;Adams;MA
      • 413;749;Adams;MA
      • 413;776;Adams;MA
      • 413;803;Williamstown;MA
      • 413;849;Charlemont;MA
      • 413;884;Williamstown;MA
      • 413;895;Adams;MA
      • 413;994;Charlemont;MA
      • 802;423;Readsboro;VT
      • 802;694;Stamford;VT
      • 802;702;Pownal;VT
      • 802;707;Readsboro;VT
      • 802;750;Stamford;VT
      • 802;823;Pownal;VT
      • 802;903;Stamford;VT
      • 802;949;Pownal;VT
    • Long distance calling: Press 9, then dial the number on your calling card, and then the number you wish to dial.
  • Resident Student Long Distance/Cellular Services
    • The college does not provide long distance services for resident students.
    • The college does provide local calling and voicemail services to each resident student which is available upon arrival to campus.
    • The college recommends that all resident students purchase calling cards prior to arrival or purchase pre-paid calling cards at the college Bookstore.
    • Cell services within the dorms are challenging and difficult; we have installed repeater cells to extend some cell service within the Berkshire Tower and Hoosac Hall resident hall lobby areas.
    • More a reliable service, we still recommend using VoIP phone available from the Computer Support Services Help Desk to stay in contact with the college community, family and friends.
    • Verizon and AT&T carriers have the best coverage outside the dorms and city area and VZW has committed to expanding cellular coverage at MCLA.

Cellular Discounts for MCLA Employees and Students

Click your carrier link to find out more. You will need to provide your college email address and register to received up to 15% off your cell phone bill and products. *Discounts vary with each carrier.


New Discounts available through AT&T


Ways to Validate Verizon Discount

Emergency Numbers

MCLA Campus Police Emergency Line - (413)662-5100

MCLA Campus Police Business Line - (413)662-5284

MCLA Counseling Services - (413)662-5331

MCLA Health Services - (413)662-5421

North Adams Police Emergency Line - 911

BMC Satellite Emergency Facility - (413)664-5256 (former North Adams Regional Hospital)

Berkshire Medical Center - (413)447-2000

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center - (800)543-1624

NEC Campus Products/User Guides

NECIP Phone.jpg

Single Line

Single Line DTR-1HM

NEC Series III

NEC Series E

NEC Series i

NEC Series IP Phones-DT Series

NEC Cordless

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