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Tips to troubleshoot issues with new Voice mail system

Q. Message Waiting Lamp ON but the system says “no new messages”.
A. There may be a message archived or saved, but not listened to. Occasionally there is a glitch where the lamp does not align with the messages - Contact HelpDesk to verify settings are correct in the Voicemail system.
Q. The new system asked for a password, but I don’t have one in the old system
A. Use the default 0000
Q. My voice mail won’t pick up or says “mailbox not setup”.
  1. Check that your voice mail box is setup by going into voicemail 5101, press 7 user options, 1 personal options, 3 greetings.
  2. Ensure your phone is setup to go to voice mail by picking up your extension handset, dialing *3, 5101, wait for a tone, then hang up.
Q. I previously signed up for vmail messages to go to my MCLA email only, but now my Message Waiting Lamp comes on and messages are in my vmail box.
A. Call HelpDesk x5276 and the settings to forward to email will be repaired.
Q. I'm listening to a long message in my inbox; how do I skip to the end?
A. Pressing "3" while listening to a message will skip to the menu at the end of a message.

New Voicemail System Instructions

  1. Access voicemail from your personal desk/extension#:
    1. Dial 5101, type in security code (default security code 0000)
  2. Access your voicemail box from another extension on campus:
    1. Dial 5101
    2. Press * then #
    3. Type in xxxx (personal extension#) or say your name
    4. Type in security code.
  3. Access your voicemail box from off campus:
    1. Dial (413) 662-5101
    2. Press #
    3. Type in xxxx (personal extension#) or say your name
    4. Type in security code.

Tips to Remember: 1 for Yes 2 for No * for Main Menu # for Previous Menu/Backout

Shortcut features:

  1. To get to main menu/auto-attendant operator from any extension:
    1. Dial 5101
    2. Press *
    3. Use college directory options to connect to other Ext
  2. Fwd a Call directly into a voicemail box. (Bypass Ringing)
    1. Press the TRF button
    2. Dial 3998, listen for BEEP, then
    3. Dial extension # ,
    4. Hang up.
  3. To LEAVE a Message Directly in a voicemail box (NO RING)
    1. Dial 3998, listen for BEEP, then
    2. Dial extension #, listen to recording of box, then leave message
  4. or another option is:
    1. Create a message in your voicemail box: Dial Vmail #5101,
    2. Enter your password,
    3. Press 5 to make a message,
    4. Put in extension,
    5. 1 for yes to confirm ext.,
    6. Then record message, press * sent.
  5. To remove speech capabilities and go to TouchTone options:
    1. Press # then 1 to switch to TouchTone options
    2. To exit out of a voicemail quickly, Press * to get to directory.
  6. To skip directly to hear messages, Press 4.
  7. To skip a subscribers greeting to leave a message, Press # .
  8. To fast delete messages, Press 3 6
  9. To retrieve a transferred call out of voicemail, press 0 * at greeting
  10. If you don't hear options to delete a message after it plays, it may not be at the end of the message - press 3 to skip to the end. You will be able to able to manipulate the message then - to delete or move the message.

Find more information: http://techhelp.mcla.edu All other issues please call the HelpDesk x5276


  • Press (1) for Yes,
  • Press (2) for No,
  • Press ( * ) for the main menu,
  • Press ( # ) Previous Menu,
  • Press (* * *) Exit System

Playing Your Messages:

  • 1. Enter your personal ID# and security code#
  • 2. Press (4) check new messages
  • 3. Press (5) leave messages
  • 4. Press (6) review messages
  • 5. Press (7) to change setup options

While reviewing your messages you can

  • a. Press (1) advance to the end of a message
  • b. Press (3) menu options
  • c. Press (4) Slow down playback
  • d. Press (5) adjust volume
  • e. Press (6) speed up playback
  • f. Press (7) rewind
  • g. Press (8) pause
  • h. Press (9) repeat
  • i. Press ( * ) save as new message

Set up Options Menu

  • 1. Enter your personal ID#
  • 2. Press (7)for setup options
  • 3. Press (7)for personal options
    • a. Press (4) to change security code
    • b. Press (5) to record name
    • c. Press (6) to change spelled name
    • d. Press (7) directory listing on / off

Exiting Your Mailbox

  • 1. Press ( * * *) to exit the system
  • 2. Press ( * ) to finish a recording
  • 3. Press (3) to hear menu options

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