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What if an incoming student cannot afford to purchase a laptop even with financial aid?

We understand that each family faces unique challenges to finance higher education opportunities for family members. MCLA has kept pace with plans to help address these challenges. We will continue to do so. The computer vendor also has a payment plan allowing three years to pay. Requiring students to have laptop computers allows its cost to be considered for financial aid use and scholarships. We believe that this laptop is much like purchasing textbooks or learning supplies; it is an important tool for College level work and over 90% of students already bring a computer to MCLA with them. However, for students who have documented that they exhausted all financial aid opportunities, the College will provide a College-owned laptop on a semester by semester basis. Requests must be made to the Laptop Advisory Board. The Board will meet to consider waivers and requests to use College-owned equipment on a semester by semester basis