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Purpose: When an employee’s separation with his or her employment at MCLA occurs a number of network accounts and resources will be closed down. In certain cases information and access will need to be preserved and passed on to other staff members in an orderly fashion. This procedure documents the timing of the closure and the disposition of access, files and email when no special arrangements are authorized.

Procedure on Network Account Termination for Employees

Employee email accounts are shut down on the date of separation from the college or when there is an administrative need. On receiving a notification of resignation or termination, Human Resources will:

  • 1. Reply with an acknowledgement and a copy of this procedure.
  • 2. Forward a copy of this procedure to the employee’s supervisor.
  • 3. Inform Computer Support Services and Administrative Systems of the impending departure and date.
  • 4. Human Resources will insert date of departure in Banner record.

On a departing employee's last day of work, Computer Support Services will:

  • 1. Disable access to all network accounts managed directly by Computer Support Services.
  • 2. Install an automatic reply to incoming email informing senders that the employee has left the college and offering an alternate staff person to contact. If the employee desires, an alternate email address for private correspondence will also be listed. This message will remain active for one week at which time the message will be removed and email for that account will be rejected.
  • 3. Access to email messages and files remaining in the employee’s assigned network storage areas will be provided to the employee’s supervisor, who will have one month to review and archive, delegate or delete. After one month any remaining emails and files will be deleted by Computer Support Services.

Upon their confirmation by the Board of Trustees, emeritus faculty may request continuation of their email services, either by using the college’s forwarding service or by maintaining a full email account on the college’s email server. A request made through Academic Affairs is required. This request must be submitted no later than three months after their retirement start date, otherwise the account will be disabled. Full time faculty who do not apply for emeritus status, as well as all part time faculty, will have three months after their last class to access to their email account to conduct college business. The account will then be disabled unless the adjunct has been rehired for the following semester.

Any arrangements that differ from these must be initiated by the employee’s supervisor in consultation with Computer Support Services in advance of the employee’s last day.

Procedure on Network Account Termination for Students

Student accounts are disabled when:

  • The Registrar marks a student as “withdrawn”;
  • After three months of email account inactivity
  • Three months after graduation, if inactive.
  • On termination of active (fiscal) relationship with MCLA;
  • On administrative need or withdrawal.

The following exclusions apply:

  • During the time that a student is on a leave of absence the account will remain active.
  • When a student is on an academic suspension, the account will remain active for up to two semesters.

Three months after disablement the account is deleted.

Last Updated: 7-01-2017