O365 - Create and manage a Team on Teams

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Join or Create a Team

  • 1. Go into the Teams tab on the navigation menu and click the Join or Create Team button on the top right of the section.


  • 2. If you are joining a team you will have been given a team code to enter which will join you to the specific team. Otherwise we will select the create a team option.


  • 3. Their are 4 types of teams (Class, PLC, Staff, Other) to create, select the one that best fits the needs of the group.


  • 4. Enter a name for the team, a short description, and set the privacy for the team.
  • 5. You will be prompted to search for users to add to the new team. Type in the users name or email and click add on each one you wish to invite.
  • 6. The basic Team starts with a tab for posts, files, and staff notebook. Channels and Tabs can be added to cover all of your teams individual needs.

Manage a Team

The basic Team layout is shown in the image below. This section will tell you how to make some basic additions to your team


  • 1. Click on the group image in the top left to change the Team image. There are generic options you can change it to or you can upload a image of your own.
  • 2. Click the three dots next to the Team name. There you will be given the option to Add Channels, Add Members, and Manage team with a few other options as well.
  • 3. Manage Team allows you to set member roles, channel permissions, and team permissions among other things.
  • 4. Within a channel you can click the plus found towards the top of the screen to add a new tab into the channel. Tabs can use a variety of apps to do different things such as word documents or calendars.

There is many other things you can do within a team but setting up channels with the correct permissions and tabs for increased functionality will be a good start for any group.