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***Firefox ([http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ Download Site])
***Firefox ([http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ Download Site])
*3. '''Sign on to Office 365 through the Portal Login Page:'''
*3. '''Sign on to Office 365 using the Portal Login Page:'''
**A. Click here to access the [http://sso.mcla.edu Portal Login Page].
**B. Click '''Email''' on the top navigation bar.
Once you have signed in, look at the left side navigation for Office 365 links (Mail, Calendar, Documents, etc).
**C. Click the square dots on the top left of the page to access '''Office 365''' apps.  
*4. '''Disable pop up blocker:'''
*4. '''Disable pop up blocker:'''

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Office 365 is MCLA's official communication and groupware system. With Office 365, you have access to your college email which lets you receive campus wide announcements and personal communications. There are also web-based office programs such as Word and cloud-based storage through Onedrive. To use Office 365 you must have a valid MyMCLA User ID and Password. Office 365 can be accessed through the Portal Login Page.

Office 365 CHECKLIST

  • 3. Sign on to Office 365 using the Portal Login Page:
    • A. Click here to access the Portal Login Page.
    • B. Click Email on the top navigation bar.
    • C. Click the square dots on the top left of the page to access Office 365 apps.
  • 4. Disable pop up blocker:

If you click on the options on the left, you may find that nothing happens because a pop up has blocked the Office 365 window from showing. If this happens to you, please refer to the pop up blocker section and follow instruction on how to disable the pop up blocker. Click the option again once you have disabled the pop up blocker for the site.

  • 5. Beware of Bookmarks!

Its common that users will attempt to bookmark the http://sso.mcla.edu address. Upon the next attempt to use the bookmark it may fail because it has old session information stored with the URL that was saved. Its best to login to sso.mcla.edu by typing the address directly into the web browser accessing it through the link located on the http://campus.mcla.edu site which can be bookmarked safely.

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