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The Technology Fee provides funding for the following services:

Office 365 Email and Collaboration Software

MCLA offers e-mail service that is provided to each registered student. E-mail is part of a groupware solution that includes one terabyte online file storage, personal calendars, and the ability to save contact information. This service is also integrated with Office online tools for sharing and collaboration of office documents with other community members. This includes Skype which has video conferencing, messaging, and screen sharing features. The service is mobile friendly and is integrated closely with the MCLA Portal.

Access to Academic Software

Access to academic and productivity software packages such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS, Matlab, ArcGIS and much more are available student use either in the public computer labs, on VMView, or in some cases, via download for your own personnel computer.

Computer HelpDesk

The Computer HelpDesk that is located on the first floor of Murdock Hall, provides technical support for the campus community. It is always the first point of effective contact for students experiencing technical issues or with any computer-related questions. Laptop troubleshooting and diagnosis are also available in addition to full repair services for program laptop owners. The HelpDesk also provides the support and maintenance for the Murdock Academic Computing Lab in addition to supporting the Freel Library Lab.

Laptop Loaner program

Laptops are available for checkout by any current MCLA student from the Circulation Desk in the Freel Library.

Instructional Classroom Technology Services

MCLA offers a variety of resources and support to assist faculty in their efforts to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning. The latest in classroom technology can be found in many technology enhanced classrooms across campus that include interactive projectors, document cameras, touchscreen instructor computers, and automated audio/video switching systems.

Canvas Learning Management

Canvas is MCLA’s online course management system, which is part of the MCLA Portal. Canvas is known for its easy to use web accessible environment that is user friendly. It provides the ability to easily connect instructors and students both in and out of the classroom. Canvas has the best learning management tools for document sharing, submitting assignments, student management and assigning grades. There are also personalized features for individual students. Canvas is a core component of the LearningOnline@MCLA initiative with provides fully interactive classes via the Internet.

Public and Departmental Computer Labs

MCLA offers several student computer labs located across the campus that contain a variety of hardware and software including labs located in Murdock Hall, Bowman Hall, and Freel Library. Every lab includes printers available for both printing from computers in the lab as well as from your own personal computer. In addition, support is provided for specialized computer labs for academic departments with standardized lab software and utilities such as Microsoft Office and Deep Freeze.


Free student printing is available throughout many locations on campus such as the Freel Library, Murdock Hall, Bowman Hall, student lounges, and resident hall areas. Printing Kiosks are provided in many of these locations. Alternatively, students also have the ability to configure their own devices so they may print directly to public printers using the wireless network.

Wireless Infrastructure

MCLA maintains a massive wireless network that includes 500+ access points spread across 27 buildings and residences as well as in open areas such as the Quad courtyard, the Amsler Gym and Church Street Center. Wireless is so popular with students that it is continuously being upgraded to handle the more than 2000+ simultaneous users that are frequently using it on a daily basis.

Internet Service

MCLA provides high-speed internet access for all students, faculty and staff through campus wireless and wired networks. Guests may also gain internet access by connecting through the wireless network using temporary guest accounts. The maximum campus bandwidth available is approximately 800 Mbit/s.

Virtual Desktop Computing

Access to a virtual desktop is accessible to each student through MCLA’s VMWare View system. This virtual system allows users to install VMWare View client on their device to remotely run a large variety of software without that software being installed on their computer. VMView client is compatible on any Windows or Macintosh computer, in addition to mobile platforms such as Apple IOS or Android operating systems. Rave Guardian and Rave Emergency Notification System Through the emergency notification system, users that choose to sign up to receive emergency notifications about the campus will be reached by automated phone calls, text messages, and e-mail messages. Also, access to the Rave Guardian mobile phone app is available. This app enhances safety on campus through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family, and Public Safety.

Self Service Banner

Self Service Banner (SSB) allows students to access their academic, financial aid, billing and registration information instantly through the web. Self-Service Banner is also used to allow students to register themselves for courses at certain times of the year.

High Performance Computing Cluster

MCLA supports and maintains a high performance computing cluster which is used for academic research by faculty and students. The computer cluster has an immense data base of genetics information and genomics and are used to do data analysis.

Cable TV Service

Digital High Definition Cable TV service is available throughout campus including each resident student dorm, student lounges, and cafeteria areas. A full assortment of channels is available through this service including premium content.