Changing settings, Submit, Download or Delete A Portfolio

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  • This area contains the primary navigation tools. You can switch between Edit and Publish. In Edit Mode you can add Modules and edit information that is already on the page. In Publish Mode you can see what the page would look like to a visitor on the web – in other words someone who isn’t logged in. To the right, you can see Portfolio Tools. This space is very, very important and you will be using this button first in the next step. The Portfolio Tools contains the following options:


  • Basic Information including e-Portfolio Title, e-Portfolio Web Address, Contact Email and Categories. Visual Styles including your directory icon, your portfolio header and your footer. Permission Settings & Tagging this section includes information about who can see your portfolio.


  • You will be asked to submit pages of your portfolio for different assessment areas. We will provide more information on this section, once the assessment areas are established.


  • Leaving MCLA and want to take a copy of your portfolio with you? Use the download option to copy your portfolio to your computer.

Make A Copy

  • The Sample First Year Portfolio is a template, you will need to copy this portfolio before you can begin to customize it. You will find instructions on this tool on the on page X.


  • Did you make an extra copy or did you create a new one but now want to delete the entire portfolio. Use this tool to do that. Please do not delete the Sample First Year Portfolio.