Computer Support Procedures

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The Computer Support department follows the following escaltion path to resovlve all problems they receive. Remember, we start at the Help Desk, so you should start at the Help Desk.

Tier 1 - Computer Help Desk

All requests for computer support are addressed by contacting the Computer Help Desk at extension 5276 Users simply report the problem they are having with as much information as possible. All problems received by the Help Desk are reviewed, and many of the typical problems, such as procedural error, are solved here.

Tier 2 - Help Desk Manager

Those requests that are received by the Help Desk but not addressed to the satisfaction of the person requesting service and all faculty/staff issues are forwarded to the Help Desk Manager. The Manager will attempt to solve any problem that is solvable via telephone or e-mail.The Manager will also draw upon the expertise of other members of the Computer Support Services staff in resolving these issues. Nearly every remaining issue that can be solved without on-site support is handled here.

Tier 3 - PC Technicial / Network Administrator

Those requests that can not be dealt with over the telephone or e-mail, such as non-working computers, software installations, and network connections have a trouble ticket generated.The ticket, viewable by all members of Computer Support Services, is a record of progress on a specific on-site or on-going problem.The Network Administrator and PC Specialist typically deal with tickets, although all members of Computer Support receive tickets on a regular basis.

Tier 4 - Associate Dean of Information Technology

Those few issues that can not be solved via the ticket process are forwarded to the Dean of Information Technology, at which point the ticket becomes an issue for the entire department to solve.These issues include policy-level problems such as problems that require multiple steps and people to complete. Although some policy issues may need to leave the office, all service problems are solved here.